VFX Abuse

Normally don’t make posts like this but it’s important.

Important because I think a lot of people are starting to value VFX over their story. Which, you know is pretty bad.

I’m a VFX guy, been doing it for 6 years and use it in every single one of my projects because it’s that useful, but I also understand how important story is.

Without story, it’s just pretty pictures. A good story will stand the test of time but a VFX action film purely made to show off VFX wont. Mainly because the VFX industry’s improving all the time.

Give it 5 years, and those short action films on youtube that blew you away wont be impressive anymore. That’s because VFX gets bigger, easier and more people learn it all the time. You’ll see some really impressive shit in the future but the point is it wont last as long or be nearly as deep and captivating as a film with an outstanding story.

Story should dictate the VFX. The VFX shouldn’t dictate the story. VFX is just a tool to help you make your film, it shouldn’t be the basis for the film.

The BEST thing you can do is create amazing action sequences tied together with an outstanding story. That’s when you’ll have something really special.

Pictures I posted throughout this are VFX images I made in the past. They look good, but there’s no meaning behind them. They’re just pretty pictures. 

There’s a big difference between pretty pictures & powerful images.

(in case you miss the point in that last bit, the only way to get powerful images is by having a good story)

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